4 thoughts on “Bomb plot

  1. If you want to act like a violent idiot then you should be treated accordingly. These five guys clearly ain’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. So if the FBI is able to work a game on them that’s their tough luck. Dummies.

  2. Have you noticed that the FBI is the #1 supplier of bombs to terrorist plots in the US. In fact, near as I can tell, they are the only supplier.

  3. I also figure the FBI deliberately timed the “terrorist action” and subsequent “arrests” — so they could announce the arrests of the “anarchist” terrists on May Day.

    To smear all Occupy protesters and rain on their parades and protests.

    A bit too obvious.

    Oh, a those with a penchant for violence just might be suspicious of people who can get their hands on C4 or any sophisticated explosives supplies.

    Like, seriously. Haven’t they guys figured out why Timothy McVeigh and his crew made fertilizer bomb? Because C4 stuff is really hard to get. Sheesh.

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