3 thoughts on “Why we’re still in Afghanistan

  1. Nobody ever willingly gives up the Empire. Just look at our presence in Germany, Japan, Korea.

  2. I agree Obama is a closet conservative. His current populist(?) posturing is an etch-a-sketch. He will etch-a-sketch again should he win re-election and come out of the closet, taking the ax to SS,Medicare etc while pretending to be a helpless little baby against the Repubs.

    To understand why there is not much difference between him and Bush (or more generally a continuity between Dems and Repubs), I highly recommend the book “You call this a democracy?” by Paul Kivel. Policy is actually dictated by elite institutions like CFR (there are youtube shots of both Hillary and Cheney praising CFR) etc.

    And this one :
    http://www2.ucsc.edu/whorulesamerica/ – I myself haven’t looked into this deeply but is a reference cited by Paul Kivel.

  3. Contd from above :

    The elites present us 2 parties as “choices” , an illusory one while permitting some narrow band of difference between them. Noam Chomsky also has written about this but can’t recall the particular essay/book.

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