Camp Mariposa

I always liked Jamie Moyer, but now I respect him even more after reading this.

Camp Mariposa


Penn Foundation has partnered with The Moyer Foundation to establish  Camp MariposaTM in Pennsylvania.

Camp MariposaTM is a free weekend camp for youth (ages 9-12) who are living with addiction in their families.
The safe and caring environment gives campers the freedom to talk about their family addiction without fear
of being judged and most importantly, assures them that they are not alone.

Camp MariposaTM activities are enhanced with therapeutic elements designed to teach children a variety of problem-solving and self-care strategies. The camp gives children a chance to laugh, play, explore, and learn as well as to create friendships with fellow campers who can relate to their struggles and understand what they’re going through.

For more information or to learn how you can become involved, contact Michele Barnes, Project Coordinator, at 215.257.9999 x 100 or ege