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This may not be the first case in the country, but it’s the first time that I know of that a police officer is being disciplined for misusing a Taser. This is a small, gritty town on the Philadelphia border that’s seen quite a few ups and downs over the past several decades, and in the past, has had a lot of problems with their police force. (I know; I used to cover it when I was a reporter):

The acting head of the Colwyn Borough Police Department was suspended today while borough and county officials investigate an incident involving a juvenile who was Tasered while handcuffed in a holding cell at the department.

Deputy Chief Wendell Reed is the second person to be suspended for the April 24 incident, said Mayor Daniel Rutland. The officer who allegedly administered the shock, Cpl. Trevor Parham, was suspended earlier this week and a third officer who was allegedly present when it occurred is expected to be suspended as well, according to sources and Rutland.

State police were called to the scene today for back up as Rutland delivered the news to Reed, but Reed left on his own accord.

Detectives with Delaware County’s Criminal Investigation Division, who act as Internal Affairs investigators for the county’s police departments, were also on scene and removed computers and a Taser from the department.

Rutland said no documentation of the incident was made and the proper procedures were not followed. He said he only found out about it after receiving calls from concerned citizens. He said the only person from the department to notify him was Lt. Wesley Seitz, who will now act as head of the department.

Rutland said “there was word” that Reed had been planning to suspend Seitz today for investigating the incident and reporting it.

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  1. Well, whadaya know. Just when I was going to write off PA as the next KS. Justice breaks out when you least expect it. Que the Reich wing noise machine.

  2. Wasn’t there a time when the Justice Department came out with guidelines for the use of such things as tasers? Have they even made such guidelines for tasers, and if not, why not? Same with pepper spray. The Justice Department “… the new boss, same as the old boss…”!

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