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  1. Actually, since I do the RSS feed thing, which tells me the combined number of posts on all the blogs I’m subscribed to whenever I sign in, it seems to me like there’s been a marked decline in posts almost *everywhere* lately, possibly leading to less readers not just for you, but across the board.

    Maybe ennui/revulsion from having banged our heads against the desk for so long now? Dunno…

  2. Susie, I tried several times today to get in or make a comment and got an error message. SG not found or something. I figured you or someone helping you was working on the site.

    But, echoing above, its does seem strangely quiet. It’s hard in left blogistan to feel much enthusiasm aboug Obama, and it does get tiring to have to fight the same verbal battles over and over about Rightwing whackjob stuff and Neolib pseudo-Dem stuff.

  3. Also, I have been hearing/reading a little about the new House bill to open up all our info to the government and whoever among the service providers wants to share amongst themselves.

    CISPA is the acronym for the Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, which will not only allow the providers to share our info anywhere they want but also share among themselves how to, well, manage us. And who knows what else. Collusion will not be illegal if in any way or form it can be tied to the new magic word, “security.”

    I’ve been looking around for blogs doing anything about this, but not finding all that much.

    If you’ve posted here on this and I’ve missed it, apologies. It seems like much stronger spawn of PIPA and SOPA. From The Village Voice:

    Quote begins —

    The measure would encourage companies such as Facebook to freely share your info with law enforcement agencies if you seem like a “cyber threat” — thing is, what exactly makes one a “cyber threat” seems a little unclear.

    President Barack Obama’s administration has promised to veto the bill. He says it doesn’t do enough to protect “the nation’s critical systems from cyber attacks and would erode consumer-privacy safeguards.”

    Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) who leads the House Intelligence Committee, introduced the proposal because he wants government and businesses “to voluntarily share data on cyber threats and gives businesses legal immunity for such exchanges,” according to Businessweek. (My emphasis)

    End of quote.

    Maybe the Feds have begun sucking up all the info on the internet traffic and…who knows what’s happening? /snark.

  4. I know the internets have been screwed up for several days but I didn’t realize people couldn’t get in.

  5. I have been unable to access your site repeatedly over the last week, and not only am I unable to get into your site, trying to access your site has repeatably jammed up my computer for a good 20 to 30 minutes (also having some problems with nakedcapitalism.com – but not as bad as yours). I would say the problems are too consistent to be random (I have tried you on different computers and with different browsers). I don’t know what the problem is, but there does seem to be a problem . . . .

  6. I had trouble getting on your site Sunday night, but I’m surprised to hear this has happened to other people so often. Re the bigger picture: I too suspect the old ennui is setting in. It’s what happens after you realize for the umpteenth time that the faux Dems have no intention of pushing for any real change. I like to mix it up a bit — ennui one day, extreme anger the next. And, as an undercurrent to these moods, full-time anxiety. As in “Will there ever be any fucking jobs again?”

  7. Are you monitoring hits or comments? I come in 3-4 times between 6 am and midnight just to see what’s up. Always reading each post. I have to agree with annagranfors, more or less, I’ve been tending to lurk for the past several weeks rather than participate. NOT our of apathy, but more out of being too disgusted/angry to form a coherent thought. With the overwhelming corporate-conservative onslaught on American democracy coupled with the complete capitulation of the party formerly known as Democratic, I’ve come to feel that words need to be replaced by direct confrontation. So why say what I feel when I’m going to be lectured for being too confrontational, too ‘aggressive.’

  8. That said. I have noticed intermittent inability to connect to your server over the past 4 months. Usually for an hour or less, once or twice a week, nothing too dramatic, but more frequent than usual over, say, the past 3 years. I’ve just written it off to crappy internet service in the US.

  9. My host company did have a server problem last week, but since the area internet hub was also out, hard to tell which to blame.

  10. I’m still here, Suzy. I’ve been really depressed lately. I just lost my dog, Lucy.

  11. I’ve given up on the continuous shiat shower that is the discourse nowadays. I got punked by Obiwan Obama and I quit. No more. Never again.
    I’ll be writing in my dog’s name in the next presidential “election.”

  12. I fantasize about you and me everyday, Suze! Honestly, and not to “rub it in”, but I do all sorts of ‘dirty old man’ stuff that would make you blush if you ever met me in person. I love you and your blog, and I have rarely missed a day of commenting and/or browsing in the last five years.

    Furthermore, my sun rises and my moon fades on each and every day that I think of you and your blog. WTF, YOU are my hero…………….and keep up the amazing work. I’ll send ducats when I’m able! Love always, dandy

  13. I’m thinking everyone is just a bit burned out – there is a noticeable decrease in commenting at all the blogs I daily scroll.

  14. The smart money is on the NSA who likes to write programs, slow traffic and then cull out “unnatural events.” It generally happens just before an announcement about some “terrorist activity” or other. Iran and China aren’t the only folks who monitor the internet.

  15. Yes, even the crazy strings have somewhat subsided.
    Maybe the calm before that real sh*t storm to come?

  16. I’d be more inclined to wonder if it isn’t NSA or something like it. When I read of people being unable to access your site, I notice that while I’ve had no trouble, I’m posting from, literally, inside government, where NSA or similar entities perhaps would not be as likely to mess with the servers.

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