3 thoughts on “Yep

  1. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…..there you go again missing the point. These “terrorist announcements” are directed at Romney and the Republicans and not the general public. Hell, a majority of the public believes in flying suacers for Christ’s sake. They can be distracted by almost any piece of useless information. What Obama and his merry band of pranksters are doing is telling Romney and the Republicans that it’s useless to try and adjust the dial. That he (Obama) is in control of the conversation. Call him a “traitor” and out will pop “Breaking News” about some terrorist being killed or a plot being foiled. It’s all Strawberry Fields where nothing is real.

  2. Considering that there are 1800 spent fuel rods open to the air in the roofless Fukishima reactor 4 building that could be set on fire by any sort of accident (including the tottering reactor building falling down) and poisoning the entire west coast of the USA, a guy with 5 pounds of plastic explosive in his underwear just does not seem threatening enough to be headline material.

  3. Well, there it goes again. More of that hope and change that so distinguishes our new Corporate Master from the old Corporate Master.

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