6 thoughts on “When will Obama ‘evolve’ on jobs?

  1. Just had a chat with the guy stocking the dairy aisle at an A&P about this!

    When, oh when, was Obama going to do something about JOBS!

  2. I was with Moveon.org way back in 2009-10. But then quit because I couldn’t stand their O-pologist ways.

  3. I think I detect the /snark, odd man out, but we actually were talking about jobs for people who don’t have them and need them.

    The guy said he doesn’t know who he’ll vote for and doesn’t see much coming from either one — and he thought Obama had a great opportunity to clip the wings of the bankster and did not do it. I think he’s in the union if he works for A&P, but I’m not positive of that.

    Just an anecdote about someone who did have hope for an Obama presidency and now has little to none.

    We lower quintile types don’t matter until they need our votes, and then they think they can con us. Or we have nowhere else to go. Gah.

  4. Wasn’t sure where you were coming from first time… Yeah, nowhere else to go, that’s what’s infuriating. The Dems know this. It’s why they behave so badly.

  5. No man, you got it all wrong – the O is creating jobs all over the place… China, Mexico, Bumfuck Egypt.

    And just as soon as the Jews launch their attack on Iran there will be plenty of jobs – fighting for the Jews!

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