2 thoughts on “Militarizing the police

  1. Bonus :

    Olympics and other sports extravaganza are all nothing but weapons of mass distractions. Like the “circus” in “bread and circus” (opening shots of Michael Moore’s “Capitalism A love story comes to my mind where he compares US to Rome). The beneficiaries are real estate magnets and corporations (thru land grab/gentrification) and the security industrial complex. Dave Zirin from 2009:


  2. I think these long-range acoustic device (LRAD) type weapons were developed with every intention of using the for crowd control. And the here in the US such a use damaged the hearing of an innocent bystander, and, just as our drone strikes and other airstrikes have collateral damage, the use of these weapons will have such collageral damage.

    They’re bringing modern warfare home, to use against the general population when it doesn’t show proper obeisance to the Powers That Be. Actually, it’s war weapons are being used wherever possible. And will be used more widely as it becomes customary to use them here.

    Now, “enhanced interrogation”? Used now or coming to a precinct near you soon?

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