4 thoughts on “No comment

  1. The people who think that Hillary would have made a better president than Obama has, are as crazy as the people who thought that Obama was the Messiah. The 1% runs this show. They do not want creative thinkers in the WH. What they want are Type-A non-creative thinkers like the Bush’s, the Clintons, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, etc. Kennedy was a danger to them because he knew who they were, how they thought and how to get over on them. He was assassinated before he got very far. The real question is not how Obama fooled so many “stupid” people into believing their own fantasies (“there’s a sucker born every minute”), but how has he managed not to be assassinated by the 1% yet?

  2. Let’s see. The majority party in the Senate elects the leader. Constitutional option fail and you by extension blame His O’ness for Reid’s lack of cojones?

    Don’t blame me; I voted for Hillary. If Hil were elected howev’, can’t conceive of more progressive possible agenda given the constraints.

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