4 thoughts on “Liberal arts

  1. We don’t need no stinkin critical thinking. Isn’t that what all the misinformation is about?

  2. Liberal Arts rock! That’s from a woman that was a science major. I learned so much from the writing and arts classes I had. I hated Philosophy classes, but, I didn’t really understand their value until I was older….

  3. Critically think this. Who knew that the EU (European Union) had its own Navy and helicopter gunships? Do they have an army too? Early today boats used by Somalia pirates and docked at Handulle Village, Somalia were strafed by EU helicopter gunships launced from EU navy ships. No wonder Greece, Italy, Spain and others are bankrupt. The EU countries not only have to fund their own armed forces, but also NATO military forces and EU military forces. Just how many military organizations does the world require? One for each “special” military occasion? And isn’t the EU supposed to be an economic entity?

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