5 thoughts on “Irony is not dead

  1. Oh, c’mon, Suze, who’s writing your material for you? You’ve got to be fucking joking, right?

  2. dandy,we’re confused?? What’s the “fucking” joke??? Do you believe that Bush the Idiot can actually complete a readable sentence and then string them all together in the form of a book???? Or perhaps you think that he was an economic genius who was not responsible for the greatest depression since the 1920’s????? Maybe it was his ability to transfer so much wealth away from the 99% to the 1% and keep a straight face?????? Come on dandy, splain yourself.

  3. How many monkeys banging on how many typewriters can produce all the works of Keynes?

  4. Well, we know the drill here. I’m sure the Koch Bros and their co-conspirators have already laid in an order for a few million copies to give away at county fairs. It’ll be touted as a ground breaking best seller the minute it goes to press. The same kind of well funded ‘remake’ of Bush that we saw turn Reagan from a sorry corporate shill into fucking Yahweh.

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