New eyewitness to RFK assassination

As As publisher Russ Baker points out, lots of eyewitnesses (at least five) came forward to say the official version was wrong. It doesn’t even seem to occur to skeptics that the information would be suppressed.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes told the FBI there was more than one gunman and more than eight shots, but they rewrote her testimony. Gee, I wonder why? I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

One thought on “New eyewitness to RFK assassination

  1. Unless some of those who repressed the information –or had their reports suppressed– write memoirs to be published after their deaths. I doubt they would dare try to confront the Powers That Be while still alive.

    When I read about the female witness, I was surprised, yet not at all surprised. We seem to get these revelations every so often of those in power writing their own version of history and damn the facts.

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