9 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. my feelings are mixed as well.

    Am I happier that i saw racists getting a beating, or am I troubled that the attackers were arrested?

  2. That is probably a question that was asked by German Jews. At some point (and I’m not sure where that point is), self-defense comes into play.

  3. polyblog gets it. What’s the point of fighting them if you become them?

    The biggest recent example, perhaps, being what the US has done to itself after 9/11.

    (Of course self-defense is valid. But it has to be, you know, defense.)

  4. We don’t know the rest of the story since this article only states what is known of the facts. It is depressing that folks feel they have to resort to vigilantism in order to get justice. The authorities obviously either don’t have a handle on the situation or do not care enough to do something about whatever grievances these folks seem to have.

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