Don’t touch that $1T defense budget!

Hardly anyone in Congress ever asks why. From TomDispatch:

… Think of it this way: National security accounts for one quarter of every dollar the federal government is projected to spend in 2013. And if you pull trust funds for programs like Social Security out of the equation, that figure rises to more than one third of every dollar in the projected 2013 federal budget.

Yet the House recently passed legislation to spare the defense budget from cuts, arguing that the automatic spending reductions scheduled for January 2013 would compromise national security. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has said such automatic cuts, which would total around $55 billion in 2013, would be “disastrous” for the defense budget. To avoid them, the House would instead pull money from the National School Lunch Program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, Medicaid, food stamps, and programs like the Social Services Block Grant, which funds Meals on Wheels, among other initiatives…

One thought on “Don’t touch that $1T defense budget!

  1. Every dollar spent on defense is a wasted dollar. Every other country on earth, except the USA, knows that. Which is why they keep suckering us into stupid, endless wars.

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