Mittens ‘on board’ with legacy of Cheney

Is anyone surprised that Mitt Romney, who seems to have stopped following what was happening in the world after the Cold War ended, is a fan of Dick?

On her show Wednesday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow explained that although presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had distanced himself from George W. Bush, Romney had openly expressed his admiration for Dick Cheney.

She began the segment by outlining the history of Cheney, who had defended President Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra scandal and argued an expansive view of presidential power.

“It is not surprising that the Republican Party would not be all that enthused with about the legacy of George W. Bush, but what do you make of the fact that they all are on board with the legacy of Dick Cheney?” Maddow wondered…

2 thoughts on “Mittens ‘on board’ with legacy of Cheney

  1. Willard Romney is as yet not the Republican candidate for president. If he ever is it will be a result of election fraud so blatant it would make a Russian, or GW Bush, blush. Ron Paul has far more popular, and delegate, support.

  2. Mr. 1%, Romney, will be the Republican presidential candidate. That was decided by the oligarchy (1%) well before the primaries began. He was chosen because he believes in nothing. Because he knows nothing. Because he will do what he is told to do. His foreign ploicy will reflect the will of the neo-cons (Zionists) and will be forwared to him from Tel Aviv. His domestic policy will be written by the oligarchy (1%). Romney will be defeated by Obama in November. Bet on it.

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