It isn’t freedom

If you have no agency over your own body.

The latest line from the Obama cheerleaders is that the wimmenz should just shut up and sit down, or big bad Romney will make the next SCOTUS appointment. That kind of brilliant strategy has led to the fact that in many states, women can no longer get an abortion. That’s mind-boggling. Soon it will be like the old days, when women ran an underground service that brought women to NYC, which was then the only place in the US where abortion was available.

Yeah, what Liss said. This is bullshit.

One thought on “It isn’t freedom

  1. Obama leads against Romney with every group, women, Latinos, Blacks, youth, ect., except for white men according to most polls. He also leads Romeny with every group on who is “best for family finances” except for white families. Anybody notice a racist pattern here? The facts seem to indicate that the Obama “cheerleaders” come from every group, and in large numbers, except for white people. How interesting?

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