The older I get, the less patience I have with the intricate traditions of patriarchal religions. You want to tie yourself in knots over minutiae because you believe in a God that requires it? Well, I guess you have no other choice. Other than owning your own life and creating your own relationship with the universe, I mean.

4 thoughts on “Tradition!

  1. Sticking with the Judaic theme. The Israelis tried to scuttle the most recent talks between the G5+1 and Iran on the nuclear issue. On Thursday night an Israeli government spokesperson said that Israel would not abide an Iran with a “nuclear capability.” That outraged the Iranian’s for obvious reasons. Like how do you operate a nuclear power plant and not have a “nuclear capability?” The Israeli moved pissed Obama off so he gave instructions to the US negotiators early today to wrap up the talks in Baghdad and reschedule new talks in Moscow in June. Thank God for Obama because what the Israelis want is WWIII.

  2. what’s even dumber is that they are still exactly the same, just labeled differently. and they’re still kosher, they just can’t eat them with a meat meal. thank god they have nothing more important to worry about.

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