I am supposed to believe there is such a thing as real competition in this country. I just got off the phone with Comcast, telling them I wanted only the bare minimum of services, reduced from what I currently have.

I keep going through this exercise, and I keep forgetting how Kafkaesque the whole thing is: By cutting off premium and HD channels, I can save (wait for it) $1.89 a month. Wow.

No one ever believes me when I tell them, either. Comcast just threw in a $15 a month credit and free HBO and Showtime if I keep the same service for $2 more. This is some crazy shit.

UPDATE: Hello to all the visitors from Shakesville. I’m really enjoying your comments on this.

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  1. We’ve talked about the falacy of “free markets” on this blog for some time now. There ain’t no such thing as a “free market” and there never has been. That isn’t the goal of a Capitalistic economic system. The goal of Capitalism is to kill off or buy up the competition. The first thing that a budding Capitalist learns is that if you see a drowning man (company) you shove a hose down his (companies) throat and turn the water on full blast. That’s how Romney operated at Bain Capital. That is how most venture Capitalists operate.

  2. have you thought of cutting cable altogether? of course if there is TV you still enjoy you should not do it, but I find I am much more relaxed now that I don’t have any TV at all.

  3. You know what they say, once you go dish, you’ll never go back. Cheaper than cable and easier to deal with.

    And then there’s this: For any and all your entertainment needs. Or so I’ve been told.

  4. I have to have some cable because of what I write for C&L or I’d drop it completely, just get phone and internet.

  5. it’s pretty hard to get a landlord to ok a dish in philly. buildings are too old and crumbly. when i first moved here i had one, but none of the other 4 landlords i’ve had would let me.

  6. Dear “DaVid,”

    Are you aware of how expensive Dish has been known to become; are you aware of how very traumatic, and forbiddingly expensive it is, to “relocate” when a person is already falling through the cracks?

  7. (interesting, actually depressing, how the ‘avatar’ icons in the upper right corner are automatically inserted by the “Soft”wear (here, and, I’m now imagining, elsewhere ….(and I’m sure that it’s generally without the “blogger”‘s knowledge, when they ‘sign on’), and that none of them ever look human; except (very, very vaguely) the anonymous poster icons, with the shades (to make it appear like they are bandits, etc.?) I always thought a person was able to pick the “avatar,” now I’ll know to block them out of my mind when I read anyone’s post.)

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