5 thoughts on “Nothing makes sense

  1. Everything makes complete sense if one keeps in mind that the 1%, which owns 40% of the wealth, makes all the decisions. The 1% will take whatever steps it needs to take in order to retain its wealth and power. Our silly little elections are simply “bread and circuses” meant to mollify us. Which is why the worlds dictators laugh at us when we declare that they don’t conduct “free” elections. At least the dictators are honest enough with their people to tell them that “what you see, is what you get.” “Strawberry fields, where nothing is real, and there’s nothing to get ‘hung’ about.” “People readily believe what they want to believe.” Julius Caesar, 49BC.

  2. I was wondering when the obvious security problem of letting the Chinese make our computer hardware would finally emerge.

  3. Which is why I’m still running on a seven year old Mac.

    Did I mention I’m still running, on a seven year old Mac? I make a pretty good living fixing Windows, but I go home to a Mac. Ain’t nobody trackin’ my key strokes. Oh, and it’s still running…

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