Seismically active

We have another lunar eclipse coming up June 4th, but what’s more important is that the approximate space between the solar eclipse on the 20th and this one was predicted as very seismically active (5.0 or higher) and should be for another week or so.

Italy (in what was said to be a non-seismically active area), Argentina, Tonga, Fiji, Japan, Bulgaria, Chile, New Zealand, India, and Norway. There were also several 4.0 and higher, and a whole lot of micro-quakes in areas that don’t normally have a lot, but only 5.0+ is considered to be statistically significant.

2 thoughts on “Seismically active

  1. The Earth is a huge ball of rocks. It is constantly shifting, settling, and moving.

  2. Yes. Re crust as shifting rocks. (Lower down it’d be more like flowing glass, but yeah.)

    For the frequency of earthquakes in any particular time frame to be noteworthy, there’d have to be a statistically significant excess then, and it would have to show that pattern every time the same lunar-solar position occurred.

    The magnitude of one earthquake cannot be statistically significant, by definition. You need a set of data to do statistics.

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