7 thoughts on “‘Super potent form of LSD’

  1. It isn’t possible to “make” LSD any stronger, any more potent, than it is. The necessary changes to the chemical composition would leave it… something else. Making shit up indeed.

  2. It sounds more like PCP than it does like LSD. In any event this should do wonders for Miami’s tourist industry.

  3. Propaganda? To what purpose? You are faulting some police officer for not knowing the exact chemical composition of some new street drug?

    Or you’re suggesting there is no such new street drug – that suddenly a person decided to run an extremely high temperature and start being a cannibal? Wow, here’s a trend I hope doesn’t catch on.

    I’m all for being suspicious, but what’s there to be paranoid about in this tragic story? The drug-induced incident theory sounds plausible to me. What’s your theory – or are you just here to ridicule police for no reason?

  4. First of all the police should be ridiculed. And far more often. Community policing is one thing. But the highly militarized police departments of today are a clear and present danger. Drones filling the skys, armored vehicles, heavily armed SWAT teams, paid informants, police infiltrators, witness protection programs, privately owned prisons. None of this projects a sense of security. What it projects is a police state mentality. Add to that mix uninformed, barely literate, low paid, non-union cops and we have a disaster waiting to happen. Or some cop in Miami shooting off his/her big mouth about something he/she knew nothing about.

  5. Referring to a specific drug with no lab test to justify the statement IS making shit up. Anyone with even modest training in communication knows to NOT make such statements.

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