Adventures in Thyroidland

Awful insomnia last night. I take the medication about 6 a.m., you wouldn’t think it would be a problem. But it is. I guess this is part of the settling in until I’m on the correct dose.

In other news, the outer edges of my eyebrows have started growing back. It’s a weird thing, but losing the outer third is a classic marker for hypothyroidism. I’ve had a lot of those symptoms (low body temperature, flaking skin, nails splitting, brain fog, etc.) for the past ten years but kept testing as normal. Since then, they’ve changed the testing range and I would have been treated a lot sooner if the insurance companies didn’t rule what doctors are permitted to do.

Oh, I forgot to mention that right around the time I started to have symptoms, I started having problems with my voice. I had laryngitis of unknown origin for six months and when I went to a speech therapist, she told me my voice was about as low as it could go without being in the male range. So it would be nice if my voice went back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Thyroidland

  1. Here’s pulling for you. I hope these new treatments produce some positive results . . . beyond the eyebrows that is.

  2. Though I longer medicate my narcolopusey, I recall from both my days of medicating and the years I cared for my thoroughly medicated uncle that anytime you change meds – of any kind, for any reason – it’s going to disrupt your sleep patterns, generally resulting in insomnia.

    Of course, I long ago learned that no drugs at all is best. I understand.

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