3 thoughts on “New Mexico is on fire

  1. Biggest wildfire in state history for the second year in a row. Not the kind of records one hoped for, but there it is. And we get to look forward to another “summer of flood,” cause there’s no vegetation to catch the rain. I wonder if our Rethugs will outlaw the measurement of acres burned in a move akin to their North Carolina brethren??

  2. You probably didn’t. NC Repukes have outlawed metrically (i.e. feet or meters) stating predictions of sea level rise. If mapped thousands of acres of DEVELOPER owned land would be worthless. A similar situation will arise when it becomes apparent that 500,000+ acres (~800 square miles; last year’s worst fire ever plus this year’s worst fire ever) of the ‘Land of Enchantment’ aren’t so enchanting anymore.


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