4 thoughts on “Men invented the internet

  1. see, nerdy women are not attractive to him, so they are invisible = don’t exist.

  2. Thanks for that, it brought a smile, though I was totally disappointed by her ode to Jobs, who is apparently on record (among countless other inhumane actions he’s on record for) as warning (actually one could be truthful and call it a threat) Obama that he wouldn’t be re-elected because he hadn’t destroyed enough business regulations (READ: OBSCENE, LEGALIZED TAX PARDONS among them, which I’ve no doubt that the master droner will allow at the end of the day); despite the fact that Obama has been totally whored by the TechyCorpGovernment, which is a major factor in Irelands Austerity (for just one country), let alone the Stunning United States “Home[Father]land “Austerity going on. Why just look at his signing off on the ”Jobs Act”/ HR 3606 – Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act ( likely named as an Ode to Stevie Jobs, as it had absolutely nothing to do with providing US jobs) http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/yes-virginia-this-is-obama-s-jobs-act-20120412

    I couldn’t be more horrified that so many (particularly, when it’s my own oppressed, near voiceless gender, a female) think those creepily Worshipped Exclusive White Males, in the Tech Industry, are somehow for a humane world, when, to a person, they personify Ayn Rand. But then again, Boing Boing, is a business, in and of itself, so I’m not really surprised in the ghastly, zombified game …..of Musical Chairs …. going on.

  3. (Sorry, huge error in my comment above, in terms of clarity. I should have written: “creepily Worshipped Exclusive White Males, Running the Tech Industry,” versus, working “in the Tech Industry.”)

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