3 thoughts on “Slave labor

  1. The way Capitalism is practiced in Spain (which was a Fascist country until 1982) is interesting. If you buy a house in Spain, say for $200,000 dollars, then lose your job and go into bankruptcy, the bank will take your house and you will still owe the bank $200,000 dollars. Pretty cool, huh? At least in the USA version of Capitalism when you go into bankruptcy and the bank takes your house they also wipe out your debt.

  2. Blimey. Wonder if the queen nows about this…. Or has learned about it.

    Were I her, I would pay these stewards myself and ask for an invesitgation into how this was done to them.

  3. Jawbone, you sure expect a lot from the Queen.
    Sure, she can afford to pay them out of her lavish taxpayer-supplied income, bout would she?

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