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  1. Agreed! Nice piece!
    Things are very quiet on the Southern Loudmouth Neocon front today regarding this recall. If Walker wins, the Fog Horn Leghorns down here will act like they just won the freaking Sugar Bowl…..

  2. When one is paid by the word one tends to write lots of words. Charlie could have said that, “this is a civil war….an argument against narcotic centrism and anesthetic cilility”….and left it at that.

  3. Yeah, but I like those words Charlie writes. Sure, maybe he could have made his point with a pithy paragraph, but then we would miss lines like this one –

    “I swear, another week, and Ed Schultz was going to start sounding like Rommel.”

    – and that would have been a missed lol moment for me.


    Susan Madrak · Top Commenter · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Take a good look at what democracy looks like. We might not see it again for a while.
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    bCraig Gooding · Michigan Technological University
    We may not even be seeing it today. ThinkProgress has an article this morning about how around 75,000 students may not be allowed to vote in Wisconsin. The legislature changed a law last year extending the time between when you change addresses and when you can vote. It used to be 10 days, now it’s 28. Most of the universities in the state have let out for the summer within the last four weeks, meaning students who live and go to school in Wisconsin, who went home for the summer, can’t vote.

    I have to admit that I cannot keep track of all the abominable actions these rightwing governors have managed to enact. But, good grief Charlie Brown, why would anyone want to make it impossible for people who ove close to elections be unable to vote? Unless to disenfranchise them.

    I hate these rightwads.

  5. Apology — I forgot and used blockquote tags. Late two paragraphs are my words.

  6. Charley is certainly prolific, and though he writes lots of words, I’m usually left wanting even more at the end.

    I severely doubt that he is paid by the word.

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