2 thoughts on “Romney hires criminal hack

  1. Atty. Gen. Holder is a fucking paper tiger. They oughta rename his group the Dept. Of Injustce. You mean to say no one is investigating Romney’s latest crook. Holder will probably write this guy a nice, threatening letter.

  2. Holder has been beaten to a pulp by Obama’s political operatives. People like corporatists Axelrod and Emanuel. Holder was once a progressive until he had his ass kicked so many times by Axelrod that he handed in his resignation a year ago. Valerie Jarrett talked him out of it, but from that day until this Holder hasn’t been the same. The people around Obama, save for a very few, are Clintonite corporatists who care nothing about anything except winning the next election and making themselves rich. That’s why this administration looks like a sausage making factory.

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