GOP election supervisor vs. Rick Scott

The DOJ was ignored, but a Republican official is on the case:

Though Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL)’s administration has now said it will not follow the Department of Justice’s order to end its voter roll purge, a Republican county election supervisor’s spokeswoman told ThinkProgress she will not resume the purge effort…

2 thoughts on “GOP election supervisor vs. Rick Scott

  1. Wonder how many of the uninformed voters in Florida voted who for Scott’s crooked ass in ’10—-and are now being asked to prove their citizenship? He should be tried for treason; the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is being totally ignored!

  2. I agree with dandy. Warrants should be issued, and the US Marshals should be called upon to uphold the Voting Rights Act. Jim Crow is dead. No matter what Scott and his minions think.

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