3 thoughts on “AARP’s Social Security and Medicare poll

  1. This comment by Julia Williams at lambert’s post amazed me–I had no idea:


    I’d add raising the cap on FICA contributions as well
    By JuliaWilliams on Sat, 06/09/2012 – 3:04am

    When the Social Security cap was initially set, it included 90% of all the income in the US.

    Time for Real Change


    Great point.

  2. Julia and other commenters weighed in with sources and explanations of how income (wages) were taxed at the beginning of SocSec, along with changes in percentage of wages covered through the decades.

    This is a pretty straight forward point which might just cut throught the fog of decpetions, outright lies, misuse of statistics to help more people understand that they’re being prepped to be conned. And the scam is get more money into the hands of the Uberwealthy.

    Now, any ideas on HOW to present this issue clearly and with as few words as possible to still make the point?

    Thnx for your helping.

  3. Excellent! Every person, every age needs to read and respond to this. May be passe’, but I say take the Sarah Silverman approach. I think Volunteers need to get out to every retirement home, community center, Comm College, and give the talk with simple props. Human to human is probably the only way to overcome the faux hype. The cancer to our Nation and ultimately the Bain of our existence.

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