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  1. “The United States is not arming the rebels (in Syria).” That’s what the neo-cons (Zionists) mouthpiece Hillaray told us yesterday. What she didn’t tell us was that the rebels are being armed via Turkey with weapons supplied to them by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar. Those arms were supplied by (bought from) the United States and Israel. SA, the UAE, and Qatar are Sunni countries who want Assad out and the Shiite Iranian regime gone. Then there’s the word “rebels” that Hillary used repeatedly. When the USA supports a group who is waging war and killing people to gain power we call them “rebels.” If we don’t like a group doing the same thing we call them “terrorists.” What transparent hypocrisy.

  2. I’m getting increasingly sick to my stomach about how Hillary is either doing what she sees as right (Oh nooooes, Ms Clinton!), and is supported by Obama et al, or she is accepting the role of, yes, Colin Powell at the UN and other times as well, in order to enable and enact Obama et al’s policies.

    Has she been suckerded by…whomever is enthrallsed with taking over the Middle East with chaotic destruction and allowing Islamic extremism to take over?

    Because they see this bad shit as one way of getting rid of the current government in Iran? Supporting one extreme form of Islam, which has been much more violent, especially in recent decades, over anaother extreme form of Islam which has been much less prone to violence? (Iran has not taken aggresive mlitary action toward another nation for about 200 years.)

    Either way, I’m feeling sick about this politician, whom I supported for president, doing this. OMG. And so very disappointed.


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