2 thoughts on “I’m into something good

  1. Can I have another Cookie, please?


    “I Never Dreamed” is so gorgeous…note, also, that it was arranged by Carole King and written by the great Russ Titelman and Gerry Goffin. Russ also co-wrote, with Brian Wilson, the great lost Beach Boys single, “Guess I’m Dumb”, sung brilliantly by part-time Beach Boy Glen Campbell:


    …and the classic albeit lesser-known girlgroup classic “Baby, Baby” (I Still Love You) by the Cinderellas, rumored to be the Cookies recording under a different name-Margaret Ross is definitely the lead singer, anyway:


    …the YouTube features the b-side “Please Don’t Wake Me” as bonus.

    Titelman went on to record with/produce early Little Feat and Randy Newman, and played guitar on Mick Jagger’s “Memo From Turner” from the “Performance” soundtrack.

    Amazing guy, and wonderful girlgroupage.

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