Primary care

So the strange primary care physician I had down the block has closed down his practice, which saved me the trouble of leaving. My chiro says nobody knows why he’s leaving; I said I wondered if he was going to jail, and the chiro looked at me. “No, really, he was convicted of assault,” I told him. I looked it up; he’d maced a couple of teenage boys who’d thrown a landscaping sign on his lawn.

I picked my medical records up last week. Now what? My neighborhood is not exactly known for attracting top medical talent.

Coincidentally, I had my acupuncture appointment the next day, and my acupuncturist started raving about the bright young doctor who’d recently moved into the area. So I got a business card, made an appointment and I see her tomorrow. Yay!

One thought on “Primary care

  1. Good luck, hope the new doc works out.

    Some GPs who really pay attention to thyroid and other hormone issues are actually better for some patients, especially if they believe in listening to what their patients are telling them.

    So, maybe this doc can help you get through the trial and error period with your thyroid hormone supplementation treatment.

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