Such a doofus

Mitt Romney has discovered our local brand of convenience store. Hey Mittens, it’s not “Wawa’s” – it’s Wawa. As in, I’m going to Wawa, do you want anything? We do not use the possessive. What a tin ear he has. No, it’s not very important. Just illustrative of his awkwardness!

Plus, he’s a liar. The post office change of address card is… a postcard.

13 thoughts on “Such a doofus

  1. Hate to stand up for Mittens on this one, but in the longer version it seems he was saying that a doctor changing her address with Medicare (for reimbursement) should be as easy as changing your address at the post office (which can be done online), and should be as easy as ordering a burger on a tablet.

    Unfortunately, he can’t hear the Republican screams of “Medicare Fraud!” in the background, or he’s just forgotten that the reason changing your address for Medicare is so complex is a result of all those Republican calls for fraud-prevention measures.

  2. that thirty some page bit was fucking stunning, I’ve filled out a number of them, in a seemingly hopeless and forced transienced attempt to ‘keep my head above high water.’ They were post card sized, basically requiring the present and future address.

    But then again, both Romney and Obomber, the Regan Worshipper (the same Ronnie Regan who began the onslaught against the Post Office), despise the Public Service aspect of the Post Office; and both, desire to be Caesars.

  3. (sigh, brain burp, or CTSD (Current Traumatic Stress synDrome), Reagan, not Regan.)

  4. Susie, are you just reduced to reposting mindless campaign drivel or will you resume with the thinking commentary sometime soon? This non-issue was quickly revealed as media-edited, concocted BS almost as soon as it came out. First, it’s a trivial grammar slip at worst and second, it’s not at all relevant.

    But hey, if you’re just about tribalism, mock away! Obama yay, no matter what he does, does not, or betrays!

    Here I thought you were about discussing health care and unemployment.

  5. liz, if you really were a reader of this blog, you’d know that susie is in no way an “obama, yay…” person.

  6. Liz, susie is only a tribalist when it comes to the Clinton’s. Beyond that it’s sometimes hard to tell whose side she’s on. Although she’s always very, very hard on Obama even when it’s not necessary or justified.

  7. yup Boohunney, you sure can. I believe anyone with a heart has CTSD. Things are not looking well anywhere, and the seemingly deliberate (as in showing off), transparent level of: deceit, arrogance and malice, by those with the power – and contending for the power – to effect change, …is horrifying, deadly and overwhelmingly heartbreaking.

  8. Yah, surprisingly, I am a regular reader of this blog. I just take time out to call bullshit on Suzie when I see it.

  9. The likelihood, is that you’re a bot, “Liz.” If you were to call out bullshit, you would be condemning Romney, right along with Obomber.

    Occam’s razor works for the fact that Romney would love to decimate the US Public Service Post Office every bit as much as Obomber would: quicker than a venomous asp’s ‘smile.’

  10. Leave Liz alone. She’s been around a long time, she’s not a troublemaker and she’s entitled to her opinion. We run a nice place here, no piling on.

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