Campaign finance laws? Very funny.

No wonder Karl Rove is always smirking. The GOP’s monster of propaganda and dirty tricks knows that rules governing the use of Super PACs are, if not nonexistent, at least unenforceable:

This weekend, Mitt Romney and his campaign will host a retreat for top $100,000-and-up campaign bundlers and donors at a Park City, Utah resort. The event, dubbed the “First National Romney Victory Leadership Retreat,” will reportedly be an opportunity for “strategizing and fraternizing” between those bankrolling the campaign and those running it.

But one name has raised flags for campaign finance watchdogs. A Saturday panel on “media insight” will feature American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS co-founder Karl Rove. The Crossroads reportedly plan to spend a stunning $300 million to help Romney defeat President Barack Obama this November, but they are legally prohibited from coordinating this effort with Romney’s campaign…

Footnote regarding Nancy Pelosi’s “I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day” comment to the press: OK, Nancy, maybe you could have arrested the Turd Blossom when he was lying and stonewalling for Dubya in 2007, but you didn’t. That’ll be the day a Congressional Democrat does anything that bold!