Go negative now!

From Frank Rich, for anyone who hasn’t read much about the history of presidential campaigns, a group that seems to include all the talking heads and editorial writers who tut-tut about negative ads:

The serious questions raised by the early Obama ads are not whether they were too much but too little: Was waiting until May behind the curve? Are the ads vicious enough to inflict lasting damage? Is there a nuclear option in Obama’s advertising arsenal that can blow Romney out of the water as LBJ’s immortal mushroom-cloud “Daisy” ad did Barry Goldwater on Labor Day in 1964? Given the anemic employment numbers and the pack of billionaire GOP sugar daddies smelling blood after their Wisconsin victory, a reboot of hope and change would truly be the reelection campaign’s most self-destructive option

One thought on “Go negative now!

  1. Has Frank Rich ever run a political campaign? Or is he just blatering on about what he thinks he knows, but really doesn’t? The opinions set forth by most ‘talking heads’ is worth about as much as a bucket of warm spit. Few of them ever offer up facts. They drone on and on about nonsense. If any of them were worth listening to, do you think that we, any of us, would be in the political and economic mess that we are currently in?

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