Norway bound

In a few weeks, my friend and her Norwegian husband are leaving the U.S. and moving to Norway. I’m so jealous.

She’s pregnant with twins, and was talking to me several months back about how her health insurance doesn’t kick in until a month before her delivery. I asked her why she didn’t just move to Norway. I said that with twins, and because of her age, she was a high-risk pregnancy and could deliver prematurely. What then? I said. “You could go bankrupt with what it costs here for a premature birth.”

She seemed to think that because Norway’s hospitals aren’t as shiny and new as ours that they weren’t as good. “Hell no,” I told her. “Their healthcare statistics are a lot better than ours.” I told her since she liked her in-laws and could get work there, she’d be crazy not to move.

So they’re going. I’m going to miss her, but damn, she’s going to be a lot better off than here, with all the crazy right wing nuts and their legislative enablers.