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  1. What is the definition of a “Progressive?” Are all gays Progressives? Are pro-Capitalists in any way Progressives? Are advocates for war Progressives? Who and what, exactly, is a Progressive? What is the definition of a “Not Progressive?”

  2. That’s a very good question, Imhotep. There are actually lots of follow up questions. This is part of a series.

    As a short version, distinguish first between constituencies (like working people) and groups (like unions).

    The progressive coalition (as I envision it) fights for its –constituencies–. In other words, the 99%, all of the rest of us, however grouped and described.

    The war question is a special one, and requires special handling (and discussion). The War Strain in American culture moves freely from group to group, from party to party. I think that needs to be discussed separately and in context.

    Thanks for the question.


  3. GP, looking forward to the rest of the series. Don’t conservatives fight for their constituencies? Wouldn’t that mean that conservatives are a part of the 99% progressive coalition as you define it? It doesn’t seem plausible that any person or group who supports war could be considered a progressive? Waiting to see how you tackle that conundrum. Thanks

  4. It’s an interesting problem, conservative voters and populist “constituencies”. These voters almost always end up fighting for the interests of the Bigs, while thinking they’re defending their own turf (as defined to them by said Bigs).

    Both Dem voters and Repub voters are frequently fooled (I just learned today how deeply into Monsanto our President is). Silly me.

    Link, if you’re curious:

    But the R voters are really turned upside down.

    Do they think they’re part of a populist revolt? Yep. To the extent that they’re actually bringing one about, I think (personally) we can work with them, so long as it’s on common goals.

    But mostly they’re not bringing that about — they’re making “democracy” safe for David Koch, Exxon, and the gun-dealers lobby & sales arm (NRA). And ilk.

    Thanks for the reply, Imhotep. Glad you’re into this discussion. I’ll be posting more over the next weeks — working on the next one now. And if you’re really curious and listen to Ring of Fire radio, I’ll be interviewed on this subject.


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