4 thoughts on “‘Don’t they have welfare?

  1. I guess when legislators learn that young women have to have sex with old men to feed themselves, we can’t expect them to be concerned. Considering what they have to swallow to get elected, they’re fellow professionals.

  2. There’s only one villain or set of villains in all this. The Plutocrats who have co-opted America. Politicians are only the front men who take it in the neck for the 1%; Who then buy the next politician. Bribes have been successfully redefined as ‘campaign contributions.’ Fix your eye on the ultimate cause of our collective misery, inequitable distribution of wealth, rather than the innumerable ‘shiny keys’ that have been marketed to us to distract us.

  3. If I didn’t think it was Bill Clinton’s fault, why would I run a link to an article that blames him quite pointedly?

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