Backyard inflatable pools banned in Pennsylvania

No, not really. This story is about one small borough that doesn’t allow kiddie pools in the front yard. So it’s not about banning “backyard” pools, and it doesn’t mean, as the headline implies, that they’re banned in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

And of course, it’s Fox News!

2 thoughts on “Backyard inflatable pools banned in Pennsylvania

  1. Yeah, half the time their headlines are just sensationalism. Regardless, better that, than total obfuscation of pertinent news!

    Did you notice how the biggest story of the day, (of this administration for that matter), is buried on page 3 of MSNBC?

    The fact that the justice department is operating completely rogue, refuses to do as they are told by the House, and Obama sees fit to protect them all?

    Yeah, well it is on the back page of all 3 Gov’t owned news agencies…check it out!:)

  2. In fact, I had to laugh while reading MSNBC comments.
    They actually give their readership mob the ability to “compress” (silence), those comments who dare to run afoul of the groupthink, or don’t agree with the mob!
    Unbelievable, but I suppose entirely appropriate for the Liberal populace.
    Silence, (or just run), from all dissent.

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