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  1. Oh my goodness, where to begin? Other than wanting to weep?

    I guess I’ll start with loving Kindle[Books] (as in set fire (kindle/kindling) to books?), which in my thoughts is even far worse than shopping at Wal-Mart since one can attain reading material at a library for free, they’re not forced to use kindle. I’m astounded that you would support selling wonderful books for $1, when you yourself appear to be no longer able to make a living. Where do you think those Authors will find a job when their life works are selling for a dollar?

    You really don’t have a clue about monstrous Jeff Bezos, the “kindle” founder, do you Susie? You could start with the PAC contributions for at least 2000 and 2004, if you want to educate yourself about his leanings.



    (Certainly doesn’t surprise me that Jeff Bezos, is noted to have written his Palmetto High School (Pensacola Florida) high school term paper, titled “The Effect of Zero Gravity on the Aging Rate of the Common Housefly,” via perhaps torturing living creatures much smaller than him. Frist comes to mind here, whom the PAC donated to, no small wonder.

    I learned that tiny tid bit from a now obscure library book on sale, titled “dot.con,” written by John Cassidy (who, I’ll admit, I know nothing about). Looks like one can still access that datoid on line here (along with a short bio of Bezos’ rapid entry into the CARNIVOROUS FINANCE WORLD, which he has always resided in):

    I felt sick to my stomach (still do actually) at your unquestioning love of an instrument which has been deliberately behind decimating ‘books.’)

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