6 thoughts on “How’s your weather?

  1. Freakin’ hot. And freakin’ dry out in the wild west. Not record highs, but days and days of 10 degree above average temps.

  2. Surprisingly pleasant (for summer, which I hate with unrelenting passion). It’s maybe 5 degrees warmer than average, but the dewpoint is about 12 degrees lower as well. Very unusual for the Finger Lakes – you can mildew if you stand still too long in normal summers.

  3. Merely 102 here today. Probably will hover around 100 for the next week. No rain in sight.

  4. Blast furnace 104 in Atlanta. Full sun is midly painful. Heat is noticeably worse than the worst we get here, even for someone used to this climate. Parks are empty. Getting up very early to give the dog a run. Not seeing much dew. Even in the early morning shrubs in well-watered gardens are wilted, flowers droop. In patches where the giant canopy trees haven’t been thinned, the cooling under the full canopy is dramatic. Comfortable really, even in this heat.

  5. It got just a tiny bit cooler here. All the way down to 88 at 9:30 pm, which is progress, I guess. Last night it was 92 at midnight.

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