8 thoughts on “Poor Frank

  1. Thank you for properly using “free reign.” Too many people think it has to do with horses…

  2. Free rein, free reign, or fucking Purple Rain, it doesn’t much matter. I hope Rizzo is rotting in Mafios Hell for his work as both police commissioner and mayor. He was at least as terrible as sheriff what’s-his-name in Arizona!

  3. Let’s see, dropping an incendiary bomb on an occupied tenement and setting a whole block on fire isn’t fascist, is it?

  4. my favorite is when he introduced the ambassador from Nigger-ia. All class, that Rizzo. ALL CLASS.

  5. Rizzo was a fascist and I’m glad he’s long gone, but I find it odd that no one commented on the barbarism of trashing public art. I know the woman who painted the mural, a liberal academic and a good person. Apparently, the moron who defaced the mural didn’t get the irony of the artist’s Stalinist-style depiction of Big Frank. He/she didn’t understand that the mural spoofs everything Rizzo stood for while, at the same time, pleasing the sort of people who admire Stalinists. It is wonderfully subversive. The vandal is more of a totalitarian than Rizzo, another irony that he/she is too stupid to appreciate.

  6. The problem with fascists is that they think of themselves as Republicans. Thanks Koch brothers and FOX News(?).

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