Princess camp

No, really. I got a coupon thingie in my email this morning:

The princesses will start each day with a one-hour dance class followed by princess story time, a snack and tea party, princess arts and crafts, and princess dress-up games.

Because princesses sit quietly and try on clothes! Oy. I’d love to see what a young girl who didn’t constantly have this stuff programmed into her system from the time she could walk actually wanted to do for fun.

I have nothing against dress-up and fantasy play. But this is the very opposite. Instead of young girls learning to expand their imagination, it’s all within the structure of whatever Disney is peddling. (I’m assuming this is the same as the Disney World princess camp.)

I used to do the booking at a local coffeehouse, and this place had a large trunk filled with costumes purchased from MGM, when it went out of business. Every kid who came in the place, boy or girl, gravitated to it immediately (including most of the grownups). There were all kinds of crazy scarfs and hats, it was great fun.

These little girls may have “fun” at princess camp, but it ain’t creative. It’s learning to be a good little Disney princess-consumer clone.

End of rant!

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