Obama falling behind on cash

There are a lot of reasons why Obama’s fundraising lags Romney’s. It’s always harder to govern than campaign, Fox viewers have been thoroughly brainwashed into seeing the Kenyan Socialist and his National Healthcare Takeover as A Major Threat To Our Democracy, Wall Street is too narcissistic to realize they’re not in jail because of Obama, and instead see him as ungrateful for their past beneficence. Also, a lot of voters are quite blatantly racist.

Finally, a lot of the people who trusted him to make things better feel betrayed. They thought he would punish the banks, stop the Bush assaults on privacy and human rights, and stop the economic cascade of mortgage foreclosures. Not only didn’t it happen, he started trying to trade away Social Security and Medicare, all in the name of bipartisanship – something Grover Norquist told us long ago was “date rape.”

But at some point, bitterly disappointed voters still have to make a decision. Do they hold back support from someone they no longer see as a friend, knowing it will result in the election of someone they do know is their enemy? It’s a tough decision:

In the battle for political cash, President Obama is finding himself in an unaccustomed place during the final months of the 2012 campaign: he is losing.

Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee easily outraised the formidable Obama money machine for the second month in a row. A nonstop schedule of high-dollar events around the country brought in $106 million during June to Mr. Obama’s $71 million, giving him and his party four times the cash on hand that it had just three months ago.

Mr. Obama’s fund-raising deficit in part reflects how steeply the terrain has shifted since 2008, when many Republican donors embraced the candidate and his campaign raised millions of dollars from Wall Street and other traditionally right-leaning industries. Now those donors are swinging hard back to the Republican Party — and to Mr. Romney, whose promise to curtail regulation and cut taxes has helped draw a torrent of five-figure checks.

In a worrisome development for the Obama campaign, Mr. Romney, who until now has been heavily dependent on donors giving the maximum federal contribution, also showed success in June drawing small donors, a traditional strength of the Obama campaign. Reflecting the intensifying general election matchup with Mr. Obama and conservative anger over the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the president’s signature health care law, Mr. Romney raised about a third of his total in checks of under $250, officials said on Monday. Mr. Romney and the R.N.C. now have about $160 million in cash.

“This month’s fund-raising is a statement from voters that they want a change of direction in Washington,” Spencer Zwick, Mr. Romney’s finance chief, said in a statement.

Well, yes. I think that’s true, but not in the way Mr. Zwick says. I believe if more Democrats saw the president acting like he was on our side – indicting bankers, telling the Republicans to go to hell the next time they play debt ceiling games, and announce he will not pursue his Grand Bargain, why, they might be more interested in laying out some cash to support their team.

Call it a hunch.

6 thoughts on “Obama falling behind on cash

  1. It is not only clear that is never was a friend, it is vibrantly clear that he is our enemy and has sold us out like no Republican ever could have, lying, backstabbing and double crossing us. The first words out of his mouth were “deficit reduction” and “entitlement reform”. He wasted an entire year and all his political capital for a corrupt, useless medical insurance law. He has embraced a rogue, unconstitutional, criminal war policy and corrupted the due process of law.

    He acted like their votes were more important than mine. He and his friends courted the other side and told me to grow up and get a drug test. Let him go to them to get re-elected.

  2. Obama doesn’t need that much cash. First, he’s the president and can go wherever he wants whenever he wants to go there and what he says will be on the news. Secondly, he’s spending ALL of his money in just 6 or 7 states. The so-called “battle ground” states. The electorate in the other 40 odd states don’t mean shit to a tree in getting Obama elected in November. Thirdly, Obama has the bestest and the biggest campaign staff that money can buy. Maybe that 1% Revlon lady was right when she said that the “college kids and nail ladies” aren’t all that educated and don’t have a clue about what’s really going on “in the system?” Reading some of the comments on this blog sure makes one wonder??

  3. 71 million is a pretty good haul frankly. I think I’d wait another month or two to see if the Rmoney campaign can sustain this level before I’d make the case that his “friends” have abandoned him. I swear, some of you people seem to be openly rooting for the President’s electoral demise. I’m not sure if these are the actions of a “friend” either.

  4. Vastleft summarizes my feelings: “How you feel about my third party vote “helping” horrible conservative Mitt Romney is how I feel about your vote helping horrible conservative Barack Obama … except you’re the one actually voting for a conservative.” And this pithy statement: “With a Repub, half the US protests right wing policy. With Obama, one half accepts it, and the other half demands even worse.”

    Is Romney worse? Of course. Would some of Congress and the media at least make bleating noises at him? Yes. With Obama it’s all just crickets and plain sailing.

  5. I’m not a smart man, but I see $71M here and $100M there and I’m thinking this is a good argument for campaign finance reform.

    Public campaign finance ONLY, overturn Citizens United, and get the corporate dollars the fuck out of our electoral process. Run on the issues and stop running to Wall Street, Big Oil, and Big Pharma.

    Imagine what else could be done with that money. Education, infrastructure, clean energy, health care, clean up the Gulf, etc.

  6. So you’re pissed off with the MSM quixote? Is that what you’re problem with Obama is? Here’s the deal. There are two worlds. A real world. And a fantasy world that we each make up in our heads. Third party candidates, and those who support third party candidates, live in a fantasy world that they’ve constructed in their own heads. These people are not unlike ALL Republican voters in that regard.

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