Romney’s latest big lie

He said “No one is talking about deregulating Wall Street,” and was corrected by ThinkProgress:

…But Romney, on many occasions, has called for the repeal of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, the first significant reform of the nation’s financial system since the Great Depression. In it’s place, all Romney’s economic plan calls for is a “streamlined regulatory framework.” The only specific aspects that Romney says he would implement are already in Dodd-Frank, which Romney admits in his plan

One thought on “Romney’s latest big lie

  1. Mr.1%’s entire life is one big lie and scam. But then, rank and file Republican voters aren’t all that bright to begin with. All any Republican politician has to tell them is, “I’m rich so you know I’m smarter than you are. Believe it and vote for me.” Dumbass Republican voters.

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