4 thoughts on “Go Tweety

  1. If was very amusing to see Matthews kicking Rancid Priebus’ ass on the “Shut Up Mike Show” this AM. It was even more amusing to watch Republican hack little Joey Scarborough squirming in his seat as Matthews repeatedly kniefed Priebus with rational thinking. Rancid now knows how Custer felt just before the last arrow struck him.

  2. What exactly kind of name is Reince Priebus anyhow?
    Reince suggests to me a Latino version of “Princess”, Reyna/Reina being ‘Queen”.
    Is Priebus supposed to be Greek?

  3. Yay Tweety! Playing dog whistle politics on race has been in Playbook 101 for the thugs ever since Obama walked into the Oval office. I’m glad to see someone in the media call em on it.

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