Pro-Ron Paul outburst does not compute

It didn’t get much mainstream media play compared to Ann Romney’s kitsch-y speech, but I’ll bet the chanting was almost disorderly enough to fry the Romneybot’s hard drive:

Delegates were finding their seats on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Tuesday when a commotion broke out in the back corner, near the Maine contingent.

Delegates and audience members erupted into chants of “Let him speak!” and “Seat them now!” Some waved signs proclaiming, “I am the Ron Paul Revolution,” and burst forth with a soccer ditty: “Olé, olé, olé, olé. Ron Paul, Ron Paul!”

Onto the floor, surrounded by cameras, microphones, stage lights and a crush of escorts and fans, strode Paul himself, in a purple lei bestowed upon him by Hawaii delegates. One delegate asked whether the libertarian gadfly came to stir up trouble for Mitt Romney.

Paul smiled. His message, he said, was unchanged: “Liberty, prosperity and peace.”

But peace was not on the agenda in the Tampa Bay Times Forum for this afternoon.

The Romney campaign had taken pains to stifle the Paul rebellion, by denying him a speaking role, expediting the roll call, changing party rules and even unseating Paul delegates from Maine. But as Romney and the Republicans have learned repeatedly this week, politics does not always go according to plan…

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