4 thoughts on “Trigger

  1. Here’s some good news for Democrats proving once again that nothing happens in a vacuum and that everything is connected. While in Russia today Hillary traded away a signature piece of legislation authored by by her hero, the father of neo-conism and Zionist, Democrat Henry “Scoop” Jackson. The Jackson-Vanik Ameddment (Title IV in the 1974 Trade Act) was scrapped in exchange for Russia’s agreement to back a UN resolution calling for a cease-fire and an interim government in Syria. This move signals the recognition on Hillary’s part that her favorite new theory on foreign/military policy known as “Smart Power” is an abject failure. Whether Hillary was forced to come to this conclusion (she is a slow learner) or came to it on her own is an interesting question.

  2. “We”? Kicking the Democratic Party is a lot easier than quitting sugar. Your teeth will thank you for both.

  3. If everyone voted for Jill Stein (Green Party) we might be better off that electing either of the two corporatists. We’re getting abysmal domestic policies with both Dems & Reps as well as endless war, voodoo economics and both have scrapped the Constitution. i don’t think this election is going to change the fact that we’re in runaway climate change now and it can’t be “undone.” Looks pretty bleak from here on out (to extinction).

  4. Nothing new here, folks. Since the late 19th and early 20th centuries our country has shrewdly either overpowed less militarilty strong countries, negotiated away the strength of our own people, took power in a ‘Marshall Plan’ environment, or dropped the most powerful bombs the world has ever known on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Viet Nam, et.al…..all nations of color.

    So, now that we’ve imperialized every nation available (Syria and Libya are next), we will continue the bombardment of innocents in various drone attacks in the Middle East and Pakistan. No, we don’t have a need to ‘saber rattle’ anymore because our defence department has outspent the world in weaponry and technology. Expect nothing new for our citizens here in the U.S. whether the presidents’ last name is Obama, Romney, Clinton, Bush, or whoever. Remember that ‘WAR’ as an economic stimulus has always ‘been the solution’ to all our prolems.

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