3 thoughts on “Chicago teachers make too much

  1. As a retired former teacher in the Atlanta area, I can attest to the fact that teaching is one of the toughest careers one can aspire to. In the first place, as the recent cheating scandal here has shown, good teachers don’t know whether to shit or go blind, so they attempt to appease their sometimes idiot principals, complacent parents, while dumbing down students with ‘teaching to the test’ boredom (which, BTW, encourages cheating). This ‘teaching’ technique is ‘schooling’ as opposed to ‘educating’. I don’t blame the Chicago Teacher’s Union one iota for striking. Rahm ought to return to his roots so he can get his other middle finger cut off which could then be stuck squarely up his ass!

  2. Whenever a media outlet uses the word “average” as opposed to “median” when talking about pay scale, you know you’re in for an interesting ride. As in the joke about when Bill Gates walks into a room, the average income level skyrockets. This average pay talk is nonsense since there are some at the PhD level with 30+ years experience at the one end of the scale and recent college grads with zero experience at the other. Taking the middle of that span skews the average. As WJC said the other day in Charlotte: it’s arithmetic, stupid.

    Many of those teaching in the CPS system have multiple advanced degrees and many years experience and yet their pay and benefits are being compared with the poor working families whose the kids they are teaching. What utter rubbish. The corporate MSM has whiffed on this one. Again.

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