4 thoughts on “Church and State, with your Heavenly Host, Jesus Christ

  1. Just curious. If you’re not a Christian what are you? Not being a Christian seems to disqualify you from putting words in the Christ’s mouth, no? These questions are not meant to be offensive in any way. But an honest answer to them would be appreciated.

  2. To whom is this remark directed?
    Also, you seem to be saying that being a Christian allows one to put words in Christ’s mouth. That makes no sense to me. Of course, that’s what clerics do all the time — make up bullshit about JC and his teachings.

  3. I’m a writer, editor, and producer at Woodshop Films. I helped edit this piece, but
    wasn’t involved in writing it. I have no idea what the writer’s religious beliefs are, but he’s

  4. brendancallinf, thank you for your response. “Sincere.” That’s an interesting word don’t you think? Ernest, serious, in good faith. It doesn’t mean much when the backround of the author is unknown to the audience however. “Edit.” That’s another neat word. To revise or correct. How one edits would depend on their particular mindset, no? For example, was the famous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle and a newspaper edited? Words and photo’s sure can be fun to play around with though. Let’s talk about punctuation and spelling next time.

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